Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Art: Luon St. Pierre

Luon St. Pierre

I have had the pleasure of sewing clothing for the amazing artist, Luon St. Pierre. I only met this lady a couple of weeks ago and I must say that she has made a life long impression! She is so colorful, whimsical, passionate, and a complete joy to be around. I have had so much fun trading emails and chatting with her.

Luon's art furniture is a direct reflection of her personal character. As soon as you meet her, you realize that her artwork comes from her heart and soul. The connection pops! I remember seeing her furniture at Bohemia and just being in awe of every single piece. The amount of work this gal puts into everything is astounding!

I have included just a few examples of what Luon creates. To see her work in person, RUN DON'T WALK to Bohemia Artist Emporium in Tucson. Luon is also featured in galleries across the country. Check her website for more details.

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