Friday, February 08, 2008

Rated "E"


Well, my goodness.....
Whitney, the extraordinary artist behind lucky me beads has awarded my blog a little E for Excellence award. So, I must also past this award around to 10 lucky recipients of my choice. Ummmm, I have so many favorites! I have even discovered that most of them have already been given this award or something similar. I do want to mention two blogs that I hang on to every single post. More will follow.....
One blog, I just discovered not to long ago and the other has been a fave for about a year!

1. style court
Abundant, awe-inspiring, exquisite! Your jaw will drop!

2. shop ursula
Local gal who has amazing taste!


Ursula said...

Thank you so much! Excellence, despite my lack of posts lately! Yes, I have been known to frequent The Girl's sales. A little overpriced usually, but they are trying to run a business! My favorites, in no particular order: first Sunday antique fair (way out on the east side), St. Vincent's downtown, and Swanson's parking lot estate sales.
Your Etsy update looks exciting; I'm working on some Gocco for Etsy as well.
Have a good weekend!

Style Court said...

I'm so flattered, thanks!