Friday, May 09, 2008


Two more block printed children's books.

I have been lucky the past couple of weeks. I have found quite a few of these little gems:) This evening, I bring you.......

Tiny's Big Adventure by Martin Waddell. Illustrated by John Lawrence.

*This one is very intricute and extemely pleasing with its color choices. The book states that "the illustrations were made from vinyl engravings, water color washes, and printed wood textures. The words were made from an original alphabet engraved in vinyl. Computer technology was used to bring these hand-crafted elements together".

Sally Goes to the Farm, written and illustrated by Stephen Huneck.

*Mr. Huneck explains his process... "I first draw the design of the future print in crayon, laying out the perspective shapes and colors. I then carve one block of wood for each color in the appropriate shape. The result is a series of carved blocks, one for each color in the print. After a block has been inked with its respective color, acid-free archival paper is laid onto the block and hand rubbed. I repeat the process for each color block. When this process is completed, I hang the prints to dry."

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