Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thank You Thursday

I've got big plans for this little blog. Item One: Thank you Thursdays.... Each Thursday I will post about one of my many fine customers. I recently received my 100th positive feedback and to celebrate, I will be doing a weekly customer appreciation post.

I have been wanting to share the following story for a while now...

Through Etsy, I had the opportunity to take part in a stranger's wedding. I am not fond of using the word stranger. By now - and especially after the wedding - friend is a better description.

Not too long ago, I began selling Circle the Date patches, as opposed to my usual Circle the Date onesies.
They have sold really well so far, and I have to thank one of my fabulous customers - Laura Jean - for every bit of that. She happened to catch my Circle the Date onesie on the front page of Etsy...

... and quickly emailed me to ask if she could just buy the month only. She explained that she was in the process of planning her wedding and would love to incorporate it into the celebration. We emailed back and forth and eventually the Circle the Date patch was born.

Laura Jean was such a huge part of its success. Firstly, she clued me in on how important it was for the date to fall on the exact day of the wedding (i.e., when it comes to vintage tea towels, not all June 14ths fall on a Saturday). Laura Jean also posted the listing on message boards where she was a prominent member. Once she received her patch, she sent a picture of what she had created with it - the cutest little "day of" hoodie. I was so thrilled to see it and even more thrilled that she loved it and made something so unique and special. The fabulous photo is courtesy of Angelica Glass photography.

Laura Jean, you see, was a very modern bride that incorporated many of the tips from the "handmade wedding" movement. A while ago, Etsy's The Storque did a Handmade Wedding Series. Laura Jean was actually one of those brides who truly pulled off a handmade wedding in a smart, hip, and down right fabulous way. Her ultra stylish wedding included many fellow Etsy sellers such as Button Empire, Heather Jeany, Nanda, and Monde Design. Below are some shots of those items from Laura Jean's day!

Quick note: Let me just tell you that Laura Jean had an AMAZING photographer! Angelica Glass is her name. If you are planning a wedding in NYC, contact her. All of Laura Jean's photos are courtesy of Angelica Glass Photography.

Button Empire



And last but certainly not least...........

Monde Design

So, I have received many orders and many thank you's for the patches. I have truly loved every single minute of it. This may sound a bit cheesy, but I smile every time I make one of them. I also thank Laura Jean and Etsy for allowing me to be a part of something grand. Laura Jean's big day was beautiful and Etsy reserved me a very special place.

Laura Jean, you are so lovely! I really can't thank you enough. I wish you the very best. You are AWESOME!!!!

Thank you:)


Erin, maker of chimes said...

This is a great post about an awesome transaction. It's wonderful to be able to see your items come full circle--and professional photos of them being used too, takes the cake!
Until I read the article, I didn't realize just how eco-friendly the little calendar onsies were. Very creative! I love my own huge stack of calendar kitchen towels, but if I ever get tired of them I know that there is a use for them by you :)

kae1crafts said...

This is a great post sharing how important it is to listen to our customers. They often have fabulous ideas and help us create new items for our stores. It is so lovely of you to share this story and give the customer and the other Etsy sellers credit for your successful collaboration in making this a special wedding.

Thanks for sharing.


fisheye said...

This handmade wedding stuff is so cool, I wish I had the nerve to do it for my pouffy 80's wedding. Congrats on your great customer, Chakra!

the b-line said...

Oh, how I wish I had known etsy when I got married! What a great story and a wonderful collaboration. I love it when customers bring out our best!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

What a thoroughly awesome experience! Congrats to you.

jennrs said...

I met Laura Jean through the knot and she quickly became a friend of mine. She was an inspiration to me in my wedding planning and led me to some great etsy sellers(in a way she became my personal etsy shopper). She's such an amazing person and her wedding day was a true reflection of that.

Thanks for posting this lovely blog entry. :-)