Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thank You Thursday: Sugar Photography

For this installment, I would like to thank Jennifer and her sweet baby gal, Colette. I adore that name :)

Jennifer is the severely talented photographer behind Sugar Photography. Her site is a must see!

A little about Jen...

"Jen, founder and chief photographer, has a love and appreciation for the emotions that photography can evoke, and strives to capture that in her work. She loves nothing more than to look at a picture and gasp…at the tiny feet of a newborn, the unflinching gaze of a toddler, or the playful smile of a child." Sugar Photography website

I also read that a session with Jen is laid back and playful. I totally believe that. Her photos are honest, fun, and truly the work of an amazing artist!

Jen received my circle the date onesie as a gift from fellow photographer Ann Beck. Jen took photos of her beautiful baby girl sporting the little date. I must say that all I could do was gasp at the little gal as soon as she popped up on my screen. So adorable! It is so wonderful to see these little onesies placed on such sweetness!

Thank you so much, Jennifer! I wish you so much success!

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BREE said...

Wow - you are right - gasp - so adorable!!! I can't wait to do this with our kids. That picture would make such a great birth announcement :)