Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank you Thursday: rose la biche

This Thursday, I would like to thank Lucy, the ultra talented designer behind rose la biche.

Lucy actually bought the very first money bag pillow that I made! I was so excited about the pillows and was so thrilled when I saw one of them sold. I was especially happy when I saw who bought it. I had Lucy in my favorites and really admired her style. Lucy explains it best....

"Chic. Refreshing. Unique : this is what Rose La Biche is about.

The collection focuses on nature-inspired designs with a urban vibe.
Feminine shapes meet sober colors for a sophisticated yet low-key look."
rose la bishe shop

Her line is absolutely amazing. I agree that it is very unique in the way that she is able to capture an urban feel and combine it with femininity! Lucy is an artist. Her pieces transmit her talent! Just take a look at this hoodie.....

Speechless? wait, there is more :)

Check out the rest of rose la biche. You will be amazed!
A big Thank you to Lucy for buying my pillow and giving it such a great home:) Also, thank you for the fabulous photo. I love that chair!!

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the b-line said...

I have one of her coco tees and I LOVE it! I agree, she has tremendous talent.