Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Style by Thread Lightly

One of my money bag wallets recently traveled all the way to Maine for a photo shoot. I am so completely thrilled to be included in such a stylish layout!

Style by Thread Lightly is an on-line photo gallery/directory showcasing "unique and considerate fashion". I am so in love with the site! I am often speechless with each new addition to the gallery.

Below is a bit about Thread Lightly
A new way for you to find unique items that fulfill your need for comfort and your desire to be good. Sustainabilitee, YourDailyBreeze, and the new 'green' styling company, "Thread Lightly", have joined to create a directory and photo album of the latest and greatest in stylish, earth-friendly clothing and accessories. From independent artists, to companies who do good... stylebythreadlightly.com

A big thank you to Emily!


Wendren said...

Thats cool. Well done. :)

Have a great xmas.

carly stedman said...

you are workin' your way up! i'm so proud of you!!!