Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thank You Thursday: Cose Dolci

For this Thursday, I would like to thank Alyce from Cose Dolci. Alyce creates brilliant felted treasures! She has bought a couple of Circle the Dates from me and each time has been such a pleasure. Not only is Alyce talented, she is also one of the nicest sellers that I have ever met on Etsy.

Her is a bit of her profile:

I recently returned from having lived in Naples, Italy. There, I was able to study art under a master Italian painter. (Check back for oil paintings.) Living in Italy afforded me the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. There, I found incredible inspiration from the sights and sounds of Rome, London, Paris, and Edinborough. Through painting and traveling, I developed an appreciation for color and design that I have translated into handmade accessories.

Thank you so much, Alyce!

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the rikrak studio said...

i love your thankfulness! i'm thankful for you!

i love cose dolci's work!