Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thank You Thursday: Fric_de_mentol

Today, I would like to thank Ana.  What can I say about Ana?  I will tell you that she is my favorite artist on Etsy.  I have the pleasure of owning the sweetest gocco print that she created along with a few of her Moleskins.  The print below hangs near the entry way of my sewing room and her Moleskins find homes in whatever tote I carry for the day.

Ana's work makes me smile.  Here is her profile...

My name is Ana, i'm 30!
I'm an artist, it's what 'they' call me, since i have a fine art degree ! Life is my inspiration, i love simple things as a smile, my dogs or cooking. I use all my senses to live!
I listen to a lot of music and i also watch movies.
Since I'm human i try to equilibrate the pollution i make, so i recycle, i plant indigenous trees and do other stuff ! I have no car so i ride a bike!

I actually just checked her shop and found that she is celebrating 1 year on Etsy!    I wish her the most success.  Thank you Ana for making me happy :)  You are truly an inspiration.

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fric_de_mentol said...

I'm really honored! Thank you so much! :]