Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thank You Thursday: Working with what ya got...

For this Thursday, I am thankful for the handmade movement in general.  I have learned so much from this little indie world.  I think that the most important lesson learned is how resourceful one can be.  Especially during this economic crisis, resourcefulness sure can come in handy.  

This brings me to Etsy and the blogoshpere which is chock full of resourceful tips every single day.  With sites like Etsy's, The Storque, the ecoetsy blog, and design sites like designsponge and decor8, one can find all sorts of ways to live comfortable and stylish while working with what ya got.  One of my favorite bloggers, Courtney of StyleCourt wrote an article about personal warmth and design.  The article encompasses the idea of appreciating and showcasing  your treaures no matter what the cost or where they came from.

So, I wanted to share a couple of photos of my living room which is a work in progress.  I recently bought a vintage sofa from a local antique dealer.  The price was very reasonable and it is in amazing condition.  I also scored a pair of orange chairs from my gal, Ursula.  These chairs are bitter sweet because Ursula was getting rid of them due to her cross country move.  I was happy to take them off of her hands but am dreadfully sad that she has to go.  

Most of my vintage furniture pieces come from local thrifts. It is actually rare that I buy from an antique shop.  While my chairs and tables may have lots of scrapes and dents, my mind is at ease with the way that they were acquired.

I actually just made the accent pillows this morning.  Now, these are not the ultimate pillows for my room.  There are so many that I want that would put me in the poor house.  This morning, I decided to raid my fabric bin and there ya have it, three pillows from old fabric that I had lying around.  

Thrifting, recycling, and hand making go so very well together.  They are all fun ways to save, create, and cherish.  While this may be a simple story of making my own pillows as opposed to buying new ones, I feel good to have done it.   


the rikrak studio said...

oh i love it! that orange chair is amazing!

Ursula said...

love them, and so happy that the orange chairs went to such a good home. Also, nicks and scratches make life easier because you don't have to constantly worry about putting the first ding in a piece of furniture.

Property said...

Your couch rocks! by the way, this is carly. :)