Monday, April 13, 2009

Fey Handmade

Look at this product shot for Fey Handmade!  I am so thrilled for Chakra P. to be offered on this site.  If you haven't visited Fey Handmade, you must ASAP!  The site is so warm and inviting.  It is stunning and packed full of amazing, independent designers.
Christine, the founder of Fey Handmade, is a true gem.  She supports independent artists in such a gorgeous way by promoting our products in a truely beautiful manner.  Here is a bit about Fey and Christine...

"Fey Handmade believes in promoting individual artists and craftsmen while providing our customers a way to find quality products that are not mass-produced. We bring our customers discoveries that reflect the quality of handmade. We are very environmentally active and only pack and ship our products in earth-friendly, recycled packaging.

Mass manufacturing causes much pollution in our precious environment. Goods made by an individual or small company can be closely monitored to avoid waste, as well as ensure quality. This quality has been cherished for generations. We at Fey hope that people begin to find the beauty and affordability of handmade once again.

Founder, Christine Lindstrom, has her BA in fine art from Monmouth University. She has experiences with many wonderfully creative companies, holding positions such as sugar artist and visual merchandiser. These different positions led her to create Fey Handmade, in hopes to provide artists with a way to showcase their work, and in turn showing consumers what handmade is all about."

I really admire the fact that Christine wants to promote the "quality of handmade".  You can tell by the site that she is an artist that has both a deep understanding and appreciation for the handmade world.  

Thanks Christine!  I wish you much success!


Ursula said...

Such a lovely picture! I'm loving Fey Handmade as well.

andrealynn said...

This is exciting for you! Love Fey Handmade!