Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mia with her kitty...

Mia requested that I take her photo with her kitty.  
A quick note about the kitty.  It is a paper mache sculpture that stands about 3 1/2 feet tall!  Mia adores it.  The kitty was actually given to her by a dear friend. My friend tells me that there used to be a local shop that just sold these amazing sculptures.  The shop is no longer in business.  Man, do I wish that it was still open!

I took advantage of Mia's photo request and had her wear her little vintage jumper that I found at the thrift the other day.  I wanted to blog this cute getup because I have recently been on the hunt for vintage clothing in her size.  This has proven to be quite a challenge.  Makes sense due to the wear and tear kids clothing goes through on a day to day basis.  I get lucky every once in a while and find a nice piece like her little jumper. 

Since I rarely find vintage for Mia, I decided to turn to Etsy.  Boy am I glad that I did! There are some fantastic vintage sellers on Etsy who actually specialize in kids clothing!  Not only are the selections incredible but the pricing is reasonable too!  

Vintage Sundress Baby Hank Vintage

Vintage Baby Pants Buttons 'N Such

A couple of other shops to check out...


Huismus said...

Cute-cute-cute!!! Your girl, the cat and the clothes..

alexkeller said...

i just love the blue sundress!

Jesse said...

Love that photo with the cat!

lettuce said...

so sweet
and she'll look back and wonder how big the kitty seemed!

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