Sunday, August 09, 2009

Care Tags by GreenPost

I have been wanting to share my care tags for a while.  I recently had the pleasure of working with Kendra of GreenPost.  Kendra is a truly amazing artist who is dedicated to recycling.  GreenPost offers a line of eco-friendly paper products.  Everything is recycled, handmade, and gorgeous! When you visit the shop, be sure to read the profile.  Kendra is a prime example of the truly unique and dedicated people that you will find in this handmade community.  She welcomes collaboration, provides inspiration, and promotes others in a wonderfully genuine way.  


alexkeller said...

handmade paper is gorgeous! i used to have a papermaking kit - but i gave it away when we moved to the desert. making paper requires lots of water. thanks for the shop!

Kendra Zvonik said...

Thank you, Rikkianne!
I am so happy that we had a chance to work together and so pleased that you love your tags! I think they came out so lovely. I totally understand about the stamp too- haha! Still haven't got mine yet either!! Thank you for promoting my shop/work like this and for your kind words about me personally. It is truly appreciated.
Also, a word about alex's comment on water . . . I have been thinking about this aspect a lot and am making efforts to re-use my water. It is so true that it takes lots of water to recycle/create paper. But, I suppose it takes even more to create virgin papers. Unfortunately, even in a green business there is some waste. I am always becoming aware of the ways in which I need to improve.
Thanks again Lady Chakra!

SpaGoddess said...

Love those:)

Jakki said...

Beautiful! I am always amazed with handmade takes a lot of work!

Marketa New York said...

Beautiful hangtags.
Thank you for the contact. I will make sure to look in her shop.