Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am so thrilled to announce that Chakra Pennywhistle is now available for purchase at tel⋅e⋅gram.  tel⋅e⋅gram is a locally owned boutique with a fresh and welcoming feel.  The owners, Travis and Liz, are dedicated to promoting local handmade.  They emphasize form, function, and impeccable style.

It was so refreshing to chat with them about how they curate their own shop.  Both feel it's important to offer products that are eco-friendly, artistic, stylish, and simply functional.  The shop has a clean and modern aesthetic - all the while exuding an appreciation for handmade, vintage, and fine art.  I think that what I like most about the shop is the fact that Travis and Liz are both passionate and excited to share their eco-forward aesthetic.  

Both Travis and Liz have an architectural background.  This is beautifully evident in the metalwork that is available for purchase and used as display around the shop.

tel⋅e⋅gram also holds events that range from art shows to collaborative evenings where folks can participate, share, and learn.  Travis told me about a lighting project that they worked on where the public was invited to combine found items and electrical to create a unique light.  tel⋅e⋅gram provided the light bulb while all who participated provided their own creative vision.  To the left is a light by Travis and Liz created on that night. It is constructed from a found palm leaf, metal work, and a knitted shade that was plastered to hold its form.

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. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

Yay! What an incredible shop - your beautiful creations are a perfect fit!

alexkeller said...

your post makes me want to go visit the shop all over again

my Trampoline said...

congrats! lovely shop for your amazing wares...i wish i were closer

Chakra Pennywhistle said...

Oh Kim :) I wish that you were closer too!!!!!