Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey! That's me!

I recently had the chance to model my Collective Names of Animals Tee by Xenotees.  I was a little hesitant cause I am no model but it was such a pleasure to do for one of my favorite Esty artists.  Noelle is such an inspiration.  She creates the most clever tees that are so much fun to wear! Here is a bit of her Etsy Profile...

Xenotees are unique + original designs - derived by drawing, scanning objects, or altering photos... You won't find an ounce of clipart on the clothing I sell! They are all professionally screenprinted by me, in my Philadelphia studio. Top quality guaranteed!

I absolutely love my tee. I also enjoy visiting the Xenotees shop on a regular basis. Not only is Noelle a talented artist, she is also a dedicated member to our indie community. She has featured many different Etsy sellers as models for her tees and it is always fun to see who is sporting which design.

I also recommend the Xenotees blog. A must read with fantastic posts like Naming Names where Noelle asks fellow artists how they came up with their shop name.

Thank you so much, Noelle. You are wonderful! I appreciate your support and am so proud to show off your work!


Summer said...

You look pretty darn cute to me Rikkianne!

Chakra Pennywhistle said...

Aw, thank ya Summer :)

Hey, I enjoyed your name explanation on the Xenotees blog. I am not a fan of recliners either!

I love your name :)

Phydeaux Designs said...

Love your photo! And I love both Noelle and Xenotees, too. Loving her new scarves! xo