Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One Fashion Show Photo....

I was able to score one fashion show photo from one of my models! The lovely Alex was kind enough to let me copy the pic and post it.

You see, I have always been scatter brained about taking photos during important occasions. So, I currently just have a video of the show. I am going to try and make my way over to Bohemia to take a couple of snapshots of the pieces that are still there. I am also hoping that some others took photos!!

Anyway, Alex is in the middle. She is a super cutie!!! She is wearing my organic shift dress. The design incorporates hand drawn tulips, 10-speeds, clouds, and recycle symbols. This dress was inspired by my grandfather who bought me a 10-speed with recycled can money. I was 10 or 11 and that was the best gift ever. My grandpa was an amazing fella. He would stop traffic to pick up one can:)

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Regina said...

Oh my gosh Rikkianne!!!!! That dress is amazing!!!! I hope you get more snaps of your other creations!