Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thank You Thursday: Lucky Me Beads

Quite a while ago, I ordered the most beautiful custom necklace from Lucky Me Beads. It was this one. A custom necklace with Mia's little silhouette! The necklace is just darling and so is the artist behind it. Whitney is an amazing gal and new Mom. Since my order I have followed her work and blog.

Whitney actually wrote to me a couple of months ago informing me that she was going to be featured in Country Living Magazine! She then asked if she could send Mia's silhouette for the photo shoot! Needless to say, I was so happy for her and excited to see the layout. When I received the January issue, I must say that I was knocked off of my feet! Her necklace makes the entire page! It is also so much fun to see Mia right there jumping right off of it!

I just want to thank Whitney for all of her work. I especially thank her for my necklace and this wonderful experience. I wish her the most success with everything!

Visit the Lucky Me Beads shop.
Check out Whitney's blog, The Daily Ray.


Cicada Studio said...

That's wonderful! A double keepsake.

ljkc said...

I have had this necklace saved in my favorites for a while now - we have good taste. ;)

Ursula said...

That is so great! And it does look just like her. What a sweetie, that Mia.

Green {Goody} said...

Love, Love, Love this. I may have to get four though, I'd have a hard time choosing whose silo. to do. Oh the perils of a large family.

carly stedman said...

Wow this is so cool. i have got to get my arse in gear and start doing some creative stuff. move to WV and we'll open a shop!