Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank You Thursday: Cosa Verde

This Thursday, I would like to thank Cosa Verde.  Cosa Verde is a brand spankin new online market place.  What makes it so very special is its focus on all things eco-friendly. 

Cosa Verde connects  eco-friendly artists with smart consumers.  The entire site is beautifully laid out and actually a lot of fun to navigate.  I especially love the unique ways to search.  The "browse better" category allows any eco savy buyer to locate items that are organic, recyclable, cruelty free, etc.  

Personally, I really connected with this site and its overall feel.  I have to share a little selection about the two founders, Liz and Jeff.

Cosa Verde, about us...

We created cosa verde to help those small changes along. We wanted to make it easy to find great green goods for your neo-hippie niece, your grandpa who doesn't believe in global-warming, and everyone in-between. So that maybe, when we remember to value the products we buy for how they're manufactured, as well as for their style or uniqueness, some bigger changes will happen in the way that we think about consuming. And we said we weren't preachy.  Cosa Verde

Here are just a couple of the things that you will find on the site.

A big thank you to Liz and Jeff for their wonderful support.  I wish you much success! 

Visit Chakra Pennywhistle at Cosa Verde.  


Cicada Studio said...

Nice shop-I do love the browse better search.

Anna+Lila said...

oh I know I am going to love this shop!