Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Folk Revival....

I am so into this right now. Folk Revival. I have a tear sheet from good ol Domino Magazine. It is from way back in March. It has taken me this long to look up some of the featured designers. I must thank Ursula for helping me see the light:) The tiles in the collection are fabulous. They were offered by the threepotatofourshop which is a new favorite of mine. Goodness, I really need to stop making Etsy treasuries and I might have known about this a bit sooner!!

Back to the Editor's picks. According to Garden Editor, Stephen Orr, "High-tech times make me long for earnest, earthy objects that stress craft over speed."

Well said!

I have really been aching to find out more about this new folk style / folk revival. What is it? Who is in it? I want to dive into it!!!

I have been working on my prints and am wondering how to title and categorize them. I went searching for some folk art lit. and did find a great book on the subject. It is titled, The Folk Art Tradition by Jane Kallir. Kallir starts off by discussing how difficult it is for people to define the art form. I want to use her exact quote explaining this difficulty....

"The concept of folk art is one of negation. It is a catchall category for misfits -- wallflowers at the dance of Western civilization."

Isn't that superb? I had to read it out loud a couple of times.

So, Kallir goes on to introduce three terms and their differences. It boils down to "Folk as opposed to elitist; primitive as opposed to civilized; naive as opposed to sophisticated."

Right now, I am thinking that my style would fall under self-taught and naive. Doesn't sound like a good selling point! hee

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