Saturday, August 02, 2008


Sometimes I feel like this.....

The photo is from the movie, American Psycho. Christian Bale plays, Patrick Bateman, who is a psychopathic serial killer with some serious OCD. The movie is based on the book by, Brett Easton Ellis. I really enjoyed the book and must state the all too common opinion that it was much better than the film. I had to use this photo because it is probably my favorite scene in the movie. Bale goes through his daily beauty regimen. Insane! Yet, now that I am 31, I am starting to relate.

I have recently made the switch to Bare Minerals makeup and actually enjoy it! It does look very natural and is a nice change from liquid thickness on my face. The thing is, when you use Bare, you must clean your brushes regularly and the act of putting on makeup is quite the event. Swirl, tap, apply..... Swirl, tap, apply...... SWIRL, TAP, APPLY!!!!

I have also switched facial cleansers. Since I was going with more natural ingredients, I thought that my cleanser should be the same. So, I went on the hunt for organic beauty products. After, tons of magazine suggestions that were all way to pricey, I turned to Etsy. I am glad that I did! I found the most wonderful products from a seller by the name of Spa Goddess! I tried out her samples which were so very refreshing and then bought her skin care regimen. I am so in love with the cleansing grains! I am completely serious when I say that I have never had better skin! Everything is so fresh and natural. The lavender serum is a complete joy to experience!

I guess that even though I might feel like I am going a bit nuts with beauty products, at least I have found the right ones! I have to mention that Spa Goddess is having a great sale right now. Please check out the shop and buy up a few samples. You won't regret it:)

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